Center for Multicultural Affairs

Regge Life Discussion 2018 IMG_1280 IMG_1259.jpg CMA/HEOP Recognition Luncheon-2 Advocacy Day

Discussion with Director, Regge Life

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony

CMA/HEOP Recognition Luncheon

Advocacy Day


Our mission is to engage the Marist community in events and activities that highlight diversity and multiculturalism creating a climate of access, equity, and inclusion that celebrates the rich contributions of all cultures, and empowers students to achieve academic success by preparing them to become engaged global citizens.





Are you a First Generation College Student?
The CMA is proud to offer support services and advocacy to First Generation College Students. We encourage all first generation college students to visit our office and attend our events.  Please tell us, how we can help you!
Multicultural Pathfinder
Are you looking for multicultural resources for your research? Are you using inclusive language? Please see our Multicultural Pathfinder!