Summer Pre-College: Fashion Design

Summer Pre-College: Fashion Design - Portfolio

Do you have what it takes to become a fashion designer?  Are you interested in pursuing a career in the Fashion Industry?  The Marist Summer Pre-College Program in Fashion Design provides you with an opportunity to experience some of the exciting elements of fashion design and developing your portfolio while you earn college credit and experience college life. Upon completion of the course, high school students will receive three college credits along with the opportunity to explore the exciting world of fashion design.

The required synchronous course time for this class for Summer 2021 will be from July 12 - 30, 2021, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1:00 - 3:30 pm EST.




Apparel Design I: Developing your Portfolio - Juan-Manuel Olivera-Silvera

The focus of this Summer Pre-College Program in design will be in Apparel Design Portfolio Development.  The Summer Pre-College Fashion Design Portfolio Development program allows you to fully explore the process and designing a collection of apparel culminating in a portfolio presentation. Students will learn the elements of basic fashion design sketching and develop a portfolio of their own. Students learn how to develop their design ideas in fashion sketches by understanding garment details, silhouettes, construction of garments, and rendering techniques. Students will develop and refine their presentation skills as they progress towards the ultimate goal of a fully finished portfolio collection.

Course Objectives (Students will):

  • Gain an understanding of the process of designing a capsule apparel collection
  • Learn advanced figure drawing techniques
  • Develop garment and specification flats rendering techniques
  • Acquire an understanding of garment details, silhouettes, and construction
  • Gain an understanding of presentation techniques as they apply to fashion design
  • Develop process projects that will culminate in a completed fashion capsule collection portfolio

Program Cost

Summer Pre-College Fashion Design - Portfolio Cost: $1,500