Summer Pre-College: Sports Communication

The sports communication concentration at Marist College allows students to experience all facets of the dynamic field of sports media, thus preparing them for a job in the field when they leave. This pre-college program will provide a snapshot of not just what sports communication is all about, but it will also offer a glimpse into student life at Marist, along with what we offer to our students.

You and your fellow students will meet leaders in sports media and learn about the basic skills needed to get to where they are. Whether you are interested in sports journalism or sports public relations, this program will provide you with a taste of multiple facets within the sports communication field. We will also get behind-the-scenes virtual access to sports teams and their communication staff.

In addition to all of that, we will cover sports analytics and also discuss the headlines and issues in sports;   how they connect to you, as an athlete or a fan, but, more importantly, how they will connect to you as a sports communication professional.

Dr. Amanda Damiano is the Faculty Director of the Summer 2021 Pre-College Experience in Sports Communication. She is an assistant professor of communication at Marist and director of   the College’s Center for Social Media. She teaches graduate courses in integrated marketing communication, undergraduate courses in public relations, and undergraduate courses in communication. Dr. Damiano has taught at colleges and universities in Central New York, Western New York, the New York State Capital Region, and Long Island. Her background is in mass communication, with an emphasis on public relations and advertising. A sports communication researcher, Dr. Damiano has studied media portrayals of female athletes and athletes with disabilities. In addition, her master’s thesis examined the social and psychological effects of online fantasy sports. Dr. Damiano has previously worked in the communication industry doing marketing communications, public relations, and stakeholder engagement.