Admission & Financial Aid

Returning Upper-class Student Tuition & Fee Schedule

Information regarding tuition and fees for returning upper-class students should be accessed via your myMarist account, by clicking the "Billing Link" under the Student Financial Services Tab. 

Parents of returning students can view a student's tuition and fee information by accessing the Parent Portal via myMarist.

Credits Within a Semester: 

In the fall and spring semesters, a full-time matriculated student must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours. Full-time tuition charges cover between 12 and 16 credits. For most full-time students, the normal recommended load is 15-16 credit hours; the student may elect to attempt up to 18 credit hours, although this is not recommended and will incur additional charges. Students who are on probation may be restricted to a number of credits for which they can register in a given semester. To register for 19 or more credit hours, the student must make an appointment to speak with a staff member in the Center for Advising and Academic Services to obtain permission. The maximum number of credits a student can register for is three during the winter intersession and nine during the summer. Exceptions must be approved by the Center for Advising and Academic Services