Media Center

Media Center Mission Statement

The Marist College Media Center is responsible for the support of audio/video/visual instructional technologies. The Media Center is focused on serving the needs of the customer by providing them with the opportunity to use technology in effective and efficient ways. This involves providing the tools, making those tools accessible to faculty and staff, and encouraging their use to enrich the learning experience of Marist students.

These services include providing multimedia support for classes and events, distributing and maintaining such equipment, evaluating and implementing new classroom and presentation technologies, supporting distance learning activities as they relate to media presentation, and producing a variety of content for the college, including video and audio productions.

Lowell Thomas Communication Center room 208 

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday 8am-7pm 
Friday 8am-5pm 

Student Equipment Check-Out Hours:
Monday: 10am-12pm & 3pm-7pm
Tuesday: 10am-12pm & 3pm-7pm
Wednesday: 10am-12pm & 3pm-7pm
Thursday: 10am-3pm 
Friday: 10am-12noon & 3pm-5pm


Special Information About Transitioning Away from VHS

Working together, the Marist College Library and the Media Center will guide this transition on campus,  The Library is reviewing Marist’s collection, with a focus on replacing titles that have been recently used.  If available for purchase on DVD or via a streaming service, the library will obtain a commercial copy.  If not available at a reasonable cost, and if the VHS tape is in viewable condition, copyright law permits Marist Media Center to transfer that VHS tape to DVD.  Faculty are also encouraged to review the VHS collection, available on the 1st floor of the library, and select those titles that you believe retain curricular value. 

The Marist College Media Center will keep VCR players in classrooms and in our facilities in Lowell Thomas Communication Center for the next year and likely longer, providing the equipment is available.  As they fail, VCRs will not be repaired/replaced.  As classrooms are upgraded from analog to digital technology, those players will become incompatible with new equipment and will disappear from the standard design. 

Realizing that faculty may also maintain personal copies of VHS tapes used in class, the Media Center will be extending the transferring services to individuals as well.  This service will be limited to legally-acquired tapes (no off-air recordings or illegal duplicates) used for academic purposes only.  Requests will first be evaluated as per copyright law to determine if the title is available for acquisition through streaming services or on DVD at a reasonable cost. 

If you have questions, please contact either Joey Wall (Joey.Wall, x2632) or Becky Albitz (Rebecca.Albitz, x3196)