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School of Professional Programs

Spring Schedule

8-Week Online Courses 2020

Spring I Dates:  January 21 - March 13, 2020

COM 302L741                       Persuasion - Stacie Biancardi

INTD 212L741                       Perspectives on Social Institutions - Carl Nabozny

INTD 213L741                       Perspectives on Science & History - Joanna Huyck

MATH 130L741                    Introduction to Statistics - Joy Sebesta

ORG 101N741                        Managing & Leading in Organizations - Ismay Czarniecki

ORG 301N741                        Managing Human Resources - Corey Fenstemacher

PSYC 323L741                       Lifespan Development-Vickie Ferrara  


Spring II Dates: March 23 - May 15 ,2020

CMPT 300L741                     Management Information Systems - Anne Galante

COM 203L741                       Interpersonal Communication - Joanna Huyck

INTD 477L741                       Capping - Joel Baldomir

MGMT 205N741                   Topics in Accounting - Debra Touhey

MGMT 206L741                   Topics in Economics-TBA

ORG 202N741                       Global Issues in Business & Society - Corey Fenstemacher

ORG 302N741                       Behaviors in Organizations - Corey Fenstemacher

ORG 421L741                       Strategic Leadership & Innovation - Joel Baldomir

PSYC 220L741                      Social Psychology - Janine Buxton