Health Services

Health Services

Welcome to Marist from Health Services! Our job is to help keep you healthy and informed. To that end, we work closely with the entire Marist College community as well as the Dutchess County and New York State Departments of Health.

There are a lot of changes on campus this year, including where you will find us! In order to meet Reopen guidelines, we have relocated to a different office to ensure the safety of the community. We’ve also had to modify the way we see patients to minimize risk for all involved.

Flu shots are mandatory this year and to help students meet this requirement, there will be flu clinics on campus regularly throughout the Fall semester. In addition, students will have ample time between Fall and Spring semesters to get their flu shots at home, if they prefer. Documentation of flu vaccination must be uploaded to the Marist Health Services Patient Portal by January 14, 2022.

During the academic year, students are required to report COVID testing at the time of testing or immediately thereafter, regardless of where the testing occurs, so that the College can appropriately plan and protect the safety of the entire Marist community. Please contact Health Services during business hours to report your test or contact the Office of Safety & Security (845-471-1822) after hours.



Attention All Incoming Students

Marist Health Services utilizes Medicat, an Electronic Medical Records system, for students to submit health information through an online portal. Please proceed to for a link to the patient portal and instructions on how to submit required health documentation. Also on that page is information about local providers, pharmacies, and other relevant health resources.

Office Location:  69 W Cedar Street

Our office is staffed by our physician medical director, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses.

To receive medical treatment at Health Services, you must be a full-time undergraduate student or a full-time graduate student who has elected to pay the Health Services fee.  There is no charge for office visits for eligible students.

If you need medical care but are not eligible to receive your care at Health Services, please click here for more information on local medical providers.

Office Hours (during the semester): 

  • Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • Weekends: CLOSED (please call the office of Safety & Security)


  • Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, students are required to schedule an appointment in advance. 
  • Visits will be telehealth, when possible.
  • Emergencies will be triaged promptly and seen in order of severity.

To schedule an appointment: we have same-day appointments each day and students are encouraged to call our office early to schedule a visit. Due to the pandemic, students must not walk-in without an appointment. Students that present without a scheduled visit will be advised to remain outside and call the office so staff may properly triage their health concern. 

After Hours-Care:

Resident students requiring after-hour care or emergencies are encouraged to notify the RA, RD or Marist College Safety and Security: x5555, 2282 or 845-471-1822

Local Pharmacies:

There are a number of pharmacies located close to Marist College.  Please see the list here for more information and phone numbers.  Students should refer to their health insurance plans for preferred pharmacy information.  

Office Mailing Address:

Marist College Health Services, 3399 North Road, HS 102, Poughkeepsie, New York 12601

Helpful Links:

For more details about Marist Health Services, please take a moment to visit MyMarist:

Marist Counseling Services can be reached at (845) 575-3314.