Diversity and Inclusion at Marist

Resources for Religious Diversity

Marist was founded by the Marist Brothers, a Catholic order known for their devotion to educating young people.  Since 1969, we have had an independent and predominantly lay board of trustees, but the Brothers’ enduring values of excellence in education, sense of community, and commitment to service continue to guide us.  As a college that is ecumenical in nature, nearly all faith traditions are represented on the Marist campus, and our outstanding Campus Ministry supports students’ diverse spiritual needs while also promoting an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect, and harmony.  In addition to Catholic worship, Marist has an active Hillel, several Protestant spirituality groups, a Muslim student group, and opportunities for interfaith dialogue.  The College’s annual Diwali celebration is enjoyed by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and the entire campus community.

Resources at Marist: 

  • Marist's Campus Ministry - Celebrating diversity in all faith traditions by providing opportunities for students to grow in their spiritual and religious lives.
  • Religious Calendar - This is a list of the major religious observances with brief descriptions to help us understand the significance to the people in our diverse college community.

Academic Opportunities:

  • Religious StudiesReligious Studies, located within the School of Liberal Arts, seeks to understand and evaluate the ways in which religion and religious practices address the deepest convictions from which many cultural forms are derived. It also examines the role that religion plays in determining the shape and tenor of culture and politics. Interested students have the opportunity to choose from a diverse selection of Religious Studies programs, including minors in Religious Studies, Catholic Studies, Jewish Studies, and more.

Outside Resources: