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Strategic Plan 2018-2023

January 2018

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We are pleased to present Marist’s Strategic Plan 2018-2023: Student Success, Innovation, and the Social Good. This plan, which will guide our decision making for the next five years, was developed during a year-long process that was broad-based and inclusive. It is ambitious but achievable, intended to build upon Marist’s many successes, while also taking us into a new chapter. The principles established by our Marist Brother founders -- excellence in education, a sense of community, and a commitment to service -- remain central to our identity. At the same time, we recognize the need to embrace innovation and institutional agility so that we can continue to thrive in a higher education environment marked by rapid and profound change.

The plan focuses on three essential goals: Ensuring Student Success, Promoting Innovation, and Advancing the Social Good. These goals and supporting initiatives will assist us in setting operational priorities and will form the basis of the College’s annual planning and assessment process. The leaders of each school and department will develop plans and measure progress according to these priorities. Continuous monitoring of our performance measures, along with an ongoing review of the external environment, will allow the College the flexibility to remain responsive to changing external conditions that may not have been anticipated at the time of the plan’s drafting.

The development of this plan would not have been possible without the active involvement of the entire Marist community. Special thanks go out to Dr. Geoffrey Brackett and Dr. Moira Fitzgibbons for co-chairing the Strategic Plan Projects Advisory Committee (SPPAC), as well as all of the committee members for giving so generously of their time and their insights. We invite you to read Marist’s Strategic Plan 2018-2023: Student Success, Innovation, and the Social Good.