Information Technology

Self-Service Copier

Color Copier/Printer/Scanner/Workstation

Xerox C9070 Primelink

This for-pay copier/MFD and connected workstation, is located in the lobby of the DPC, and is available to students, faculty and staff for short-run scan, copy and print jobs.

In-line stapling and hole punching is available with this copier/printer. This machine can also print on coated text and cover stock, up to a sheet size of 12" x 18".

Large jobs should be ordered through the DPC copying service. Please keep in mind that this copier is available to all community members, therefore, if you have a large job and it can not be left with our staff, we suggest you let those who are waiting to do small jobs go in between segments of the job you are doing.

Information on copyrighted work and "Fair Use" practices is available at the copier work station.


Single-sided letter-sized B&W: $0.05
Single-sided letter-sized Color: $0.15
There is no charge for scanning at this time.

Additional detailed pricing information is posted at the worksite.