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Studying Theatre at Marist

Theatre students in Cabaret

Theatre Concentration

Marist College offers a major in English with a Concentration in Theatre. Students take a combination of Acting I, Acting II, Directing, Voice & Movement, Playwriting, Stagecraft, Theatre Management, Global Drama and Shakespeare. Students are encouraged to intern during their junior or senior year at a professional theatre company or in a related career field. Marist has established relationships with a number of professional New York City theatres, as well as opportunities in Boston, Martha's Vineyard, the Berkshires and beyond. The goal of the major is two-fold: to train students in the practical aspects of theatre for those wishing to pursue a professional career in the arts, while also developing valuable skills that can be applied to a host of career paths. Our graduates pursue careers in law, marketing, advertising, business, education, television and journalism, to name a few. Upon graduation, it is our goal for a student to be an advanced writer, strong reader, articulate speaker and clear thinker--skills that can be applied to most any career path. 


  • ENG 150 Introduction to Theatre
  • ENG 227 Acting I
  • ENG 241 Acting II
  • ENG 292 Stagecraft
  • ENG 292 ST: Musical Theatre History
  • ENG 310 Playwriting
  • ENG 320 English Drama I
  • ENG 340 Global Drama
  • ENG 341 American Drama II
  • ENG 349 Voice & Movement
  • ENG 350 Directing
  • ENG 355 Theatre History
  • ENG 363 Modern Drama
  • ENG 435 Theatre in the Round
  • Eng 451 Theatre Management
  • Theatre Internships Courses

Theatre Minor

The Theatre Program offers a popular minor in Theatre. Many students find the minor an attractive way to receive specialized training in theatre without the increased requirements of the Theatre concentration. Students who minor in theatre come from a variety of majors on campus, including Business Administration, Communication, Media Studies & Production and Psychology, to name a few. Recent alumni have pursued careers in Public Relations, Law, Counseling, Publishing, Human Resources, Marketing and Advertising, Business, Broadcast Journalism, Sports Reporting, Theatre Management and Film Production.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate fundamental skills and techniques required of a modern theatre practitioner: performer, designer, technician, or manager.
  2. Students will learn how to work collaboratively in a variety of production experiences under a defined deadline.
  3. Students will apply critical thinking and analytical skills to dramatic literature as it applies to production, performance, design, or management.
  4. Students will communicate in writing informed critical assessments of theatrical performances, including aspects of artistic and technical production.          

Fine Arts and Public Presentation Courses

The English Department & Theatre Program offer ENG 150 Introduction to Theatre & ENG 227 Acting I as Core Fine Arts and Public Presentation options for all Marist students.

Theatre Scholarships

There are a number of Theatre scholarship opportunities for which incoming freshman may apply. Learn more about how to apply for Theatre scholarships!