Safety and Security

As the campus finalizes plans for the arrival of Students, Faculty, and Staff, parking is always a question that needs to be addressed.

With the anticipated return to a fully on-ground campus in the fall, very limited virtual learning, and the elimination of an auxiliary lot, parking will once again be limited. Parking passes/decals will only be issued to those students that are either commuters or have earned 50 or more academic credits.

Registering a Vehicle

The portal to apply for a parking pass/decal for the 2021-2022 academic year will remain open into the fall semester.  Students are encouraged to register between July 15, 2021, and August 15, 2021, to allow for the permits to be mailed to a home address. The portal can be found by accessing your myMarist account and clicking on “Parking Registration” under the Quick Links on the left. All students, including Commuter students, are required to obtain and display a parking permit to park a car on campus.

Click to Register for Parking or Check Vehicle Registration


Enforcement of parking policies will commence on the first day of classes.  Each member of the Marist community should park in the lot(s) where your permit is assigned.  There are signs at each parking lot entrance for your reference.  Fines vary from $30 to $100 per violation, and repeat offenders will be booted. This includes the failure to display a parking decal.


For those students that require accommodation, but do not meet the above requirements, please consider completing the Medical Parking Waiver Form which is reviewed by a panel external to Safety and Security.

View the 2021-2022 parking map here.

Students will need to review the map carefully to determine appropriate parking locations and avoid unnecessary parking tickets.

Parking Permits

Parking on campus is limited to those vehicles registered with the Office of Safety and Security and for which a Marist College parking permit has been issued.

View the 2021-2022 parking map here.

Parking Map

Permits issued are valid for the specified lot only. Resident students are not permitted to use staff lots even on weekends. All student vehicles must be registered for each academic year. Faculty, administrator, and staff permits will be issued upon hiring and reissued as required. All permits must be affixed to the driver's side rear seat window.

Parking decals will be mailed to the address of your choice.

Resident Parking

Students will need 50 or more earned credits to be assigned a parking permit.

Students are sent an email in the summer announcing when the online parking permit application system opens. There is no guarantee that a resident will receive a parking permit for the lot closest to their residence. Some resident parking lots are not close to the residence halls and may have to be accessed by walking up or down hills.

Parking in a lot other than the assigned lot is not permitted and tickets will be issued to violators. Students must park in their assigned lot(s) even after 5:30 pm.

Commuter Parking

Commuter students will be assigned each academic year to the College designated commuter parking areas.

Commuters may park in staff lots (Monday thru Friday) after 5:30 pm and all day weekends (excluding lots #6 and #8). Vehicles must be moved by 10:00 pm.

Faculty, Administrator, and Staff Parking

Faculty, administrators, and staff will be assigned, upon hiring or change of work location, to designated parking facilities as near as possible to the location of their work assignment. Parking in any unauthorized lot at any time is not permitted and vehicles will be cited.

Faculty, administrators, and staff who need permits for more than one vehicle should contact the Office of Safety and Security.

Information for Part-Time Faculty

New Part-Time Faculty (First time teaching at the College)

To register online, allow 2 business days after ALL your paperwork (Contract, I-9, Tax Forms, etc.) has been submitted to the HR Office. Your parking permit will be mailed to your home address.

If you have any questions, please email or contact the Security Office during business hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm) or call (845-471-1822).

Returning Part-Time (Prior Teaching position at Marist)

Once you have electronically signed your contract you will be able to register your vehicle online immediately.

Your permit will be mailed to your home address.

Handicapped Parking

Marist College provides designated handicap parking spaces in all lots across the campus. Only vehicles exhibiting official state-issued handicap plates or official local government-issued handicap permits will be permitted to park in designated handicap parking spaces. These permits can be obtained, with appropriate medical documentation, through local law enforcement agencies. The official plates or local permits will be recognized only when the driver of the vehicle or the passenger present is the individual to whom the plates/permits are issued. The College does not issue handicap parking permits. Please be aware that handicap parking rules are enforced on campus by the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department as well as Marist College Security. Staff and student vehicles with handicapped permits must have their cars registered with the Office of Safety and Security.

Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking is reserved for the use of off-campus visitors only. Visitor parking can be located in the Mid Rise Lot #10.

Parking Policies and Rules

1. The maximum speed limit on all campus roadways and in all campus parking lots is 20 miles per hour.

2. No motor vehicle may be parked at any time in or on:

  • Any campus roadway or shoulder of a road or on the grass.
  • Fire lanes; within 20 feet of a fire hydrant; an emergency zone or any other area restricted by the college.
  • Service vehicle areas; loading dock areas; sidewalks or other pedestrian walkways, including crosswalks.
  • Any parking lot other than the one to which the vehicle is assigned and for which a parking pass has been issued.
  • Any part of an assigned lot other than a space designated by striping.
  • Any designated handicap spot unless a handicap permit is visible.
  • Any space designated for visitors or otherwise reserved or restricted.
  • Any parking lot access road or through lane, end zone, etc.
  • Any location that obstructs roadway or parking lot traffic flow or blocks building access or blocks another vehicle.

3. Snow Removal and Temporary closure of Parking Lots and Roadways:

  • The college will temporarily close parking lots and roadways to conduct snow removal operations, to make necessary repairs, or for special events. Registered vehicle owners are expected to comply fully with all related snow removal/closure restrictions and to remove parked vehicles.

4. Traffic Control:

  • Vehicles shall be operated on campus at all times so as not to endanger life or property.
  • Vehicle operators shall follow the directions on posted traffic signs throughout the campus at all times.
  • Vehicle operators shall yield to pedestrians in designated crosswalks and at all other times on campus.

5. Other:

  • Abandoned motor vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.
  • Vehicles booted must pay fines and remove the vehicle within 48 hours or vehicle will be towed.
  • No trading permits and/or allowing others to use your permit w/out permission from the security office.
  • Permits must be affixed to the driver’s side rear window.
  • Motorcycles also require a permit.

Parking Ticket Appeals

Appeals must be submitted to, and are reviewed by the Student Judicial Board of Student Government. 

Penalties for Violation of Vehicle Use and Parking Regulations

The following fines will be assessed for violators of College vehicle and parking policies. Booting will occur on the fifth ticket, and every subsequent ticket, issued within an academic year. An individual will be considered a "repeat" offender even if all previous fines have been paid.

Failure to register vehicle


Failure to display parking permit


Parking in a restricted area


Obstructing traffic


Failure to park in marked space


Parking in NO parking area


Parking on road


Parking in Fire/Loading Zone


Blocking doors and exits


Driving on walkway or grass

$25.00 + DAMAGES

Passing Stop sign


Excessive Speed


Hindering snow removal


Parking in Handicap Space/Ramp


Parking in Cross Walk


Display of unauthorized/altered decal/pass


Blocking vehicle


Boot removal


Forged Permit



Registering a Vehicle

Click to Register for Parking or Check Vehicle Registration

(you will be prompted for your Marist Account and password)

If you have questions or experience any problems, please contact the Office of Safety & Security at 845-471-1822.